Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Dirty Text Messages To Send To A Guy

Dirty Text Messages To Send To A Guy
Dirty Text Messages To Send To A Guy

The Importance of Dirty Text Messages to Send to a Guy

Texting is so much fun and its even more fun if you know some dirty text messages to send to a guy. Did you know that you can
text pictures? The next time that you are online text to his phone two parenthesis and dots…like this…( * ) ( * ) . Guess what that is? Sending dirty text messages
can titilate your man. At the very least its amusing to you both.

Another message is this one… Two parenthesis and an exclamation point.. )!( its not a butterfly guess again. Or you can captivate him with description. Like ” Whats up? .. Maybe you are..” or ” Trailing fingers down your arm,” or ” Wrapping legs around you ” <———-
” Wrapping fingers around you”, ” Warm lips pressed against yours ” , trembling with desire,” 4 nick 8, 2 good 2 B Believed, Wish U were Here )!( ,
Private text is a very personal thing. Sharing these moments with your loved one can spice up your relationship. “<==== aiming to please are ya? ” “Crossing bare legs .. waiting” or ” LMAO” ( Laughing my ass off).

Or you could tell a dirty joke to get him smiling:

* If at first you don’t succeed, keep sucking.”
* Why is the grass greener on the other side of the fence? There is a lot more shit.
* There were two mature women sitting on a park bench. A handsome male jogger runs by and one woman puts her hand to her chest and says “I think I could have a stroke.” The other woman looks at her and says ” Me too , if he slows down.”

How to Create Dirty Text Messages to Send to a Guy

Texting can be very entertaining to do. You can get very creative with symbols. <====% …
)!( <====%
innocent look, 2 good 2 B 4 got 10, ” There would be no big ones if there were no little ones”, There is no i in sex” Scream if you want it”, ”
“I Can Hear You Breathing”, ” GGGRRRRRRRRR” “Lick”, “Naked and Ready”, ” Pole Vault on over here”,

Remember that it is all in fun. It is a light hearted way of connecting with a loved one. Its using the midia of the times and sending your thoughts in a sexy way.

Texting is a very popular way of communicating with your guy. Try out of few texts to get the hang of it. Instead of typing out full words try using like U for you or R for are. Shorten them as much as possible. Instead of typing out long words look for ways to trim them down smaller.

Let him know that you thnk he is sexy by sending him messages through out the week.. Reach into your treasure trove of words and tell him what is in your heart. He will love to hear this from you. It will make him feel special and in turn he will do it right back to you. 

With your guy Dirty words have a naughty feeling about them when used in an intimate setting. With your guy it will spark a heightened sense of awareness in him that will kindle passion when he gets home. Try it and see what happens.
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Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Love Text Messages to Get Your Partner Thinking Of You

Love Text Messages
Love Text Messages
People in society today use their cell phones to contact others, to check their mail, pay their bills and more.

Not only can a cell phone be a device to use when browsing the Internet or trying to get tickets for a show, but it is also a great tool to use when you are trying to flirt with someone. 

It doesn’t matter if the two of you have just started dating, or if you are in a serious committed relationship, even married, love text messages can keep the relationship feeling new and exciting. You can even use these messages to get back an ex. Using love text messages is a way to get inside someone’s head throughout the day, to make sure that they are thinking about you and no one else.

There are some love text messages that are going to be simple and sweet, but they are going to be enough to get the receiver thinking about you while they are away from you. Telling someone that you really miss them, you can’t wait to see them, or something that you like about them is going to be sweet and thoughtful, and it gives the person a chance to respond, thanking you for the compliment or thought. This could be enough to put them in a good mood when they are having a bad day, or to get them thinking about you if they have already forgotten about your date, or if you aren’t on their mind.
Love text messages can be as innocent or as naughty as you want them to be, and you can spark the imagination of someone that you are romantic with easily with just a few words. Text messaging is private, meaning the message is going to go to their phone only, and only they are going to see it. This means that you can be as forward as you like when you type.

Many people send more sexual love text messages to their significant others, talking about personal details of their relationship. You could send a message thanking them for a sexual encounter that the two of you had together recently, or you can send them a message that you’re thinking about a future sexual endeavor that you would like to pursue. Sending love text messages like this is going to get them missing you and wanting you when you are away from them, even if the relationship isn’t in a steady place. A few sexual innuendos or descriptive words could be enough to get them to pick up the phone and call you.

If you want to put your words or body in the mind of someone else for the day, you want to send them love text messages that they can’t forget. You can decide how creative you want to get with the messages that you send back and forth, and just a simple text can make them think about you all day long, or until the next time they are able to see you in person.
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Sunday, March 15, 2015

Sweet Text Messages For Him


Importance of Sweet Text Messages for Him

Sweet Text Messages For Him
Sweet Text Messages For Him
Committing to a romantic relationship does not revolve only around kissing, cuddling and saying “I love you. As a woman and also the soul mate of your partner, you have to express your love through many other gestures, which can bring romance to your relationship and show your appreciation, respect and loyal feelings to your partner.

 Technology is now taking dating to the next level, making texting a great way to communicate and attain peace of mind. By sending sweet text messages for him, you will be able to convey your feelings in a unique way, enabling you to tell your partner everything you cannot in real life. Text Your Ex Back is the most revolutionary program for those people who want to improve their relationship, fix things up with their partner or find a way to get him back.

Sweet Text Messages for Him

There are several benefits of choosing Text Your Ex Back eBook. Beyond its great comprehensibility, this guide offers all individuals the opportunity to live a happy life besides their partner by using their average cell phone. This eBook comes with advice that tells people what kind of SMS messages to send in order to get their partners back and start over. You will be able to find the best examples of sweet messages to send to your boyfriend or husband, so that you will show him that you love, respect and care for him. You will have the possibility to learn how to use words in order to convey your deepest feelings let him know that you truly are the one for him.

Have you ever thought that your boyfriend or spouse needs to know that you care for him? Many studies have shown that receiving affection from their partners can influence men’s behavior positively, determining them to express their feelings, as well. The chances of being cheated will be extremely low, and you will be at peace during every single minute in your life. Your relationship will become more romantic, your spiritual intimacy will increase, and both of you will feel loved.

Best Example: Sweet text messages for him

Text Your Ex Back will offer you many great examples of text messages that you can use in specific situations in order to improve the relationship between you and your partner. Even though there are plenty of examples on the Internet, this eBook will encourage you to create your very own messages that will allow you to express your feelings in a unique way. You will learn how to become creative easily, and your man will surely appreciate that in you. You will be able to take numbers and transform them into a unique way to become even more special for the one you love so much.

What are the benefits of this program? As mentioned above, sending sweet text messages for him to your boyfriend or husband will allow you to improve the connection between you and him, and both of you will be happier than ever!
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Sunday, March 1, 2015

Cute Text Messages

Cute Text Messages
Cute Text Messages

Importance Cute Text Messages

Being in a relationship involves communication and affection, which should be conveyed through a number of ways that can keep both partners engaged and improve their connection. Small gestures can maintain the relationship more entertaining and surprising, bringing new opportunities and allowing you and your soul mate to become closer to each other. 

Cute text messages constitute a great option to make your partner feel loved and show him how much you really care for him, especially if you make sure to use the most appropriate words and send them at the right time – for instance, while he is still at work, or when he simply does not expect them. Text Your Ex Back is a very popular program that enables you to improve your relationship and make it up with your partner in case that you have recently fought and want to get him back.

How to Create Cute Text Messages

There are several reasons why Text Your Ex Back is an excellent option that can change your life forever. In the first place, this revolutionary program is very comprehensible, being written in a simple style that conveys information in a very straightforward way. This eBook aims to help you learn how to live a happy life beside your partner, coming with valuable advice pertaining the type of SMS messages that should be sent to get your partner back and start everything over. 

This guide will provide you with examples of cute messages that you can send to your lover to show him that you love, respect and want him back. You will have the unrivaled possibility to understand the power of words and how they can be used in your advantage to express your deepest feelings in order to fix up your relationship.

Many of us might not think that our partners need love and affection, but the eBook provides many unrivaled possibilities that will definitely allow you to be at peace, knowing that your partner is aware of your love for him. Text Your Ex Back eBook will show you why sending cute messages to your male or female partner is such an important aspect of your relationship, offering you deeper insight of people’s feelings and psychology in general. If you really want to understand your lover and make your relationship more beautiful, then it is just the right time to use Text Your Ex Back guide and see what you have been doing wrong so far.

Best Example: Cute Text Messages

Aside from a simple and comprehensive writing style, Text Your Ex Back eBook is full of helpful advice regarding how to create great cute messages to send to your beloved one. Even though there are plenty of examples on the Internet, the eBook will help you learn how to compose your own in order to sincerely express your feelings to your partner and show your undying love for him or her. You will learn how to become more creative and how to approach your partner uniquely in order to get him back and make your relationship stand up again. You will surely appreciate this aspect, as you will only have to read the guide once and know everything forever.

With Text Your Ex Back, you can become the special person in your partner’s life, walking away having greater knowledge on what he feels and how you should behave to make him or her happy. Some partners might be more difficult to approach and talk to, but the eBook contains a bunch of information on a wide array of subjects and themes, making sure to help you understand what you have to do in some specific situations.

What are the benefits of Text Your Ex Back program? As mentioned above, you can get deeper insight of human psychology and emotions, so you can properly understand how you should act in order to strengthen the connection between you and your soul mate. Thankfully, the guide will not limit only to cute text messages, but also to many other strategies that are entirely ethical and efficient, so that you can successfully bring romance back to your relationship and save it from potential destruction. You will find both of you happier than ever, and this is certainly priceless.
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Sunday, February 15, 2015

Text Messaging

Text Messaging

Text Messaging

Are you attracted to the man who doesn’t reciprocate in the sms manner? Do yo want him to get attracted to you, like instanly ? Needless to say, written words have More impact on a human mind as compared to verbal confessions. 

You can use the text Messaging service on your phone to attract anyone you want with just some written words framed in the right manner and sent at the right time.

If you wish to know the tactics to attract the man you like with the help of text messaging,then you must keep reading to learn the art. In this article,we’ll talk about some amazing things and facts that will help you become a text messaging goddess. 

Apparently, the women who knows how to make the best use of this tool can easily get any man hooked to her. Right words sent in a text message can have massive impact on the man of your choice, compelling him to call or text you back with unsurpassed excitement and interest.

A Simple Texting Formula To Get Your Man Hooked
First of all, you should be able to think like a man while framing your text messaging. Often it had been seen that women get offended by seeing their men sending only dirty messages to them. But, if you will put yourself into their shoes, you will be able to come out with ideas that will couple your man to feel more interested about you past just wanting to be dirty. The idea is to ignite his powerful imagination. The key is to know how, en like to interact with the woman they feel interested about.

men and women have different versions when it comes to describing attraction and affection. Women often use text messages to describe stories or connect, while for men text messaging. So, it is important to frame your message in a fun and jolly manner if you want him to listen to you without felling bored or offended. Remember, if you are not sending messages that excite him or make him feel good about you, he’ll put you on a low priority. Knowing the right things Help you get rid of all the waiting. Sending him good messages will make him tp cal you back in a very short time. The best part is that he might even start making offorts to strike conversations on text, over and over again.
Tease him on text and try to be playful as often as possible. Keep aside all the serious talks and negative thoughts while writing your text messages.

Sexy Text Messages Examples For Some Quick Help

Ask him some juicy and double Meaning questions. Lets’ take a look at some sequences-of messages that will help you understate the concept better.

Your message: Have you ever tasted something extremely juicy that made your month uncontrollably water?
Let him reply and then you can say something like: “Right now I’m eating something very smoky, juicy and delicious. I’m sure you’ll love it”

Now, leave him alone for a while so he can use his imagination and begins to fill in the blanks. Expect his cal or another flirty message in less than 10 minutes.
Men simply love women who can trigger their imagination to a great extent. Keep experimenting with some more flirty messages and see the results.
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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

How to Handle the First Date with Girls and Get Laid 90% of the Times

In this post, I’m going to reveal a strategy that I came across at the Seduction Mindhacks Live website LINK this is the new groundbreaking seduction site from the guys at Efficient Pickup. 
So this strategy’s goal is meeting girls, and setting up dates and executing them successfully, meaning taking the girl home after the date.

We won’t go in much detail how to meet girls, and take their number, since that part is thoroughly explained in detail at the Seduction Mindhacks Live website, where you can actually stream Full videos of these guys, John and Josh from, meeting and seduction girls on live hidden camera footage. 

Check out the site at:

But now let’s go on the actual strategy: First off, when you number close a girl that you are unable to take home immediately after you meet, you need to frame it right away that you and her are going to meet up at a later date for a date.  

Texting on the Day of Date You should text details of the meetup a few hours before the date. Prior to the day of the date you will have told her a day and time. Then you will fill in the details the date. So you will text, “meet me at [your address]. I live close to [venue close to you] and they have bangin [margaritas/food/etc]”. “[We can walk there from my place / I’ll drive there from my place].” If the chick is going to cancel, this is usually when she will do it. If she stops responding at this point, you have time to set up a meetup with a different chick or fbuddy (or just to make other plans in general). Sometimes she will say that she isn’t comfortable coming to someone’s house that she doesn’t know. If this is the case, have her meet you at the venue and then you will Seed the pull back to the house during the date. We will also send an indirect confirmation text about an hour before the date. An example is, “feel free to wear high heels tonight cuz i’m 6’4  “. This is another opportunity for them to flake but they’ll probably say something fun back and you’ll say “cool, see you at 7″ or whatever time you agreed upon.  

Location of the Meetup The meetup location for the date should be somewhere near the sex location (sex location typically being your house). If you live in a big city or somewhere where you can walk to a venue, this is ideal. If you must drive, pick something that is close by.  

When Girl Arrives at your House We give a quick tour of the house and make sure not to touch her or try anything physical with her at this point. This allows her to feel safe coming back after the date. She will have already been in your house and wasn’t sexually advanced upon. We’ll usually have 1 drink with the girl at our place and shoot the shit a bit then tell her let’s go and take her to the day 2 venue.  

At the Actual Date Venue You want to “be interested and be interesting”. That is, ask her about what she does, how long she’s lived in the city you live in, what her hobbies are, what her dreams are, etc. Also, tell her about what you do and what you like to do. Just let the conversation steer itself. You can be yourself and just vibe with her, don’t worry too much about telling the right things. It’s 1 on 1 so you don’t have to worry about her friends blocking you. You also don’t need to impress her or come across a certain way to her to “win her over”.

 Just be yourself and be comfortable with that. The two main things that you want to accomplish during the date are setting a sexual frame and seeding the pull back to the house for after the date. At some point (usually 1/3 – 1/2 of the way through the date) you want to start suggesting something you are going to do at your house after the date. Either some activity that the two of you would have fun doing or something you want to show her. You also want to start testing the waters for sexuality (set the sexual frame). You can make some suggestive comments and calibrate to how she reacts. You also should be poking her or putting a hand on her leg or being physical naturally in whatever way feels comfortable. This continues the man-woman frame that you set in the initial interaction where you met her. If she responds positively you can push a little further or continue with the physicality and suggestive verbals. If she responds negatively you can laugh it off and tell her you were just teasing or joking. In the case where she responds negatively to your advances, you would then build the vibe and re-test for compliance. 

I typically end the date after a couple drinks (or after about an hour). I make sure that the frame for going back to my place is well set and that the physical/sexual frame is cemented. Once these two things are in place, you are pretty much set. When you leave the venue with the girl, you typically can kiss her and/or start making out. We almost never get resistance at this point because she knows what’s up (the sexual frame has been set). We then walk back to the sex location while holding hands. Since the frame for coming back to your house is set and the sexual frame is in place, everything should be fairly smooth with going back to your place. You can stop along the walk here and there for mini-makeout sessions and then push her off jokingly, like “hey not so fast ;)”. 

 Back at the House Once back at the house, we will typically pour one more drink. Feel out the vibe with the physical touch. That is to say, you could move her near the bedroom and start making out and start to take her into the bedroom. If she doesn’t seem to be entertaining the thought of having sex right away, then you might go and have a drink with her first and talk some more before trying to lead her to the bedroom again. You should do this over and over again until she is ready. Some girls require a second date before they will have sex with you. Other girls really want you to be their boyfriend before you guys have sex. 

Do your due diligence in escalation and isolation attempting and make the judgment call if it’s worth it. There’s a lot of experiences guys with women that won’t bother with follow-on dates to the first date since they have so many options, they don’t even care. There are others that won’t deal with prudish girls or girls that want you to be their boyfriend before they hook up. This is your own personal decision. My personal choice is that I will typically allow a Second Date as long as the girl is really attractive, cool, smart, etc. If there wasn’t much chemistry there, or she was kind of a pain in the ass, or isn’t that well-rounded in terms of what you’re looking for, then you probably shouldn’t bother. Most girls know what’s up since they came back to your house and are engaging in physical contact with you. So using this strategy 90% of the dates should result in sex if you’ve done everything we’ve outlined. Again if you like this strategy and want to know more about the Efficient Pickup Method, 

check out their site:
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Sunday, February 1, 2015

Romantic Text Messages – The Best Way to Expres your Love

Romantic Text Messages
Romantic Text Messages – The Best Way to Expres your Love
Now that love letters are uncommon , they have been replaced by romantic text messages. Romantic text messages help to take your relationship to the next level, as you are able to communicate and share your feelings without hindrance. The expression in this way goes a long way to really keep the passion alive. It strengthens the bond between lovers/partners.

 You can tell how you exactly feel without hesitation and being shy about it.This is very crucial as the importance of communication can not be over emphasized. He/she needs to hear you say lovely thing you would never say to someone else and some of such things you may not have the guts to say it to her face.

Importanceof Romantic Messages

Romantic messages also bridges the gab between lovers that are miles apart,as you can let her know that you are missing her with a text message. It is very romantic to be the first one to send a charming text messages to your lover first thing in the morning or before going to bed at night. Simple phrases like good morning or I”ll be thinking of you all day. Phrases like sweet dreams,love in the evening and your spouse will have you in mind while drifting to sleep. Also sending your spouse a romantic text message in the middle of the day am definitely sure to cheer them up. It is also sure to get you a peck on the cheek.

How to Create a Roamantic Message

It can be difficult drafting out your own “charming” messages. Sn aging a quote from a movie �especially that one that got her misty-eyed ingot a bad idea. Taking out some lyric from a ballad. Another good idea in creating a romantic message would be “poetry”. It has a way of captivating the heart. Try out selecting a short stanza that expresses your feelings and send it to her.
Maybe sometimes words just cannot be used to describe how and what we feel when we are in love. In such cases,a simple message consisting of symbols only can be still romantic. Send some side-way heart or flank one heart with “I” or “u” Manny people simply send a message like “I love you” or “I miss you”. You can be much more creative than that . Writing that romantic message can be exciting and so much simple if only you can put all your emotion, passion and feelings into it.

For your messages to be truly treasured by your spouse, there are certain things that you have to consider about your spouse.

 What are they characteristic that you really love in your partner and what do you specifically admire about him/her? What characteristics do you particularly love in your partner. 
What special memories do you have of her and what what precisely is is special about it and then what was precisely your partners role in main it that way ? what do you any time you anticipate on seeing her and how you feel when you think about him/her in the middle of the day.

I can promise you you wont fail with these very personal romantic messages

Best Example: Romantic Text Messages

When it come which romantic text is best, individual view are to be considered. While pone person a particular one as being his best because of the way it appeals, another person considers some other text as the best because that is what appeals to him best and at that particular moment. For the purpose of this article an example is:
I luv my eyes when u look into them; I luv my name when u say it; I luv my heart when u luv it; I luv my life when you are in it. 

Sample of Romantic Messages

Below are jut a few:
What makes some people Dearer?It’s not just the happiness that you feel when you meet them,but the pain you feel when you miss them.
Certain people touch your heart and u can’t stop thinking about them, that is the kind of person u are ………absent yet so near, simple yet worthy. That you should know.

My day started off crappy, until I remembered your smile.
I had to stop what I was doing this very second and express what’s been on my mind. You. Are. Amazing. And I’m glad you’re mine.
I hope your day is going good, because your night is going to be amazing. Just you wait….

In conclusion, romantic lines can be used to prepare the atmosphere for an anticipated meeting with your spouse . looking forward to your next date? Lines like “I cant wait to see you” will work wonders on your partner.
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Thursday, January 15, 2015

Dirty Text Messages

Dirty Text Messages
Dirty Text Messages
Text messaging is one of the most commonly used methods of communication and is done in various forms whether it is over SMS systems, over standard mail protocols like on Blackberry or over the web using mobile applications such as Whats-app or web messaging services like Facebook Chat, 2go and Yahoo messenger. Text messages are used for various purposes but many are using them to send sexually explicit information. Dirty text messages also known as sexting has become one of the most common forms of text messages today.

Dirty text messages are usually composed of sexually explicit words whether mild or extreme and are often accompanied by pictures, which are either in provocative positions or even nude, and semi nude pictures. Others may attach provocative sounds such as moaning and groaning which imply an ongoing sexual act. As mentioned previously, Dirty Text messages are predominantly sent by the younger generation mainly teenagers and those under 35.

However, those above 35 years of age are also increasingly sexting each other due to various reasons. Among the youth around 10% of American teens and 20 year olds regularly send dirty text messages and 40% have received a dirty text message at least once. With technological advances, sexting is also being enhanced with videos and such text messages are being sent over various social networks which unlike the traditional SMS platform exposes such messages to a wide audience with various consequences.

Sexting is mainly associated with negative consequences some of which have had a major negative impact on people’s social lives. Having an explicit text sent by you to some crush forwarded to every gossip girl in your area or having a nude picture of you shared by some person with a grudge in your class Whats app group is not anyone’s path of achieving fame socially. Sexting however has even greater risks.

Explicit pictures of people are constantly being stolen from their original upload sites whether it is a forwarded multimedia messages to those sent over web messaging services and being posted on porn sites or those deep web sites that are visited by perverted persons.

 Eventually, the text-er loses control over the content they sent and this not only often leads to social isolation but also depression and stress to the sender Another negative consequence of dirty text messaging is the use of such content for blackmail especially if the person who sent the dirty text message is considered to be of highly moral virtue and in homophobic nations, LGBT persons are often targeted since they are forced to either heed to the demands of the blackmailer of face criminal persecution or even the risk of death..

 Couples who often sent each other dirty text messages then break up can also start a cycle of revenge. Not a month passes by without some sex scandal between previously tight’ couples.

However, sending dirty text messages does have some positive effects. Especially among the older generation, sexting has been shown to strengthen relationships as it shows a partner that their spouse still thinks of them in a sexual way at an age where many start seeing themselves as unattractive thus sending dirty text messages does have some positive effect too.
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