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Dating Advice

There are many places to meet girls and some men may overlook
such places. If you asked a hundred men where they thought they are most
likely to meet the opposite sex, you can be sure that most of them
would quickly scream a bar! However, on the part women, meeting a man in
a bar is not what they are looking for and they think it seems cheap.
Therefore instead of taking all your time preparing to go to the bar
with the hope of finding someone interesting, why not start looking at
other places where you are more likely to succeedInternet-
Today with the increased use of the internet and the convenience it
provides, it has become very easy for dating to be done online. Even
guys who are naturally shy may find the internet one of the most
interesting places to meet a girl. On the internet, all you need do is
to try your luck and who knows, you may find the exact woman you have
been looking for all this time. This makes possible places to meet
girlsShopping mall– Yes all men know women like
to shop and what better place to do some checking at the shopping mall.
These malls are perfect places to meet girls. You are sure to find them
in all shapes and sizes but then the main issue is how to make the
first move and talk to the girl you find interesting. Well, all you may
need is to pretend to bump into her or follow her to where she is
shopping and pretend you are buying something for your sister’s

Visit the Gym- Ladies are always trying
to get a slim waist while others are trying very hard to fit into their
party dresses. If you are lucky, these gyms are actually good places to
meet girls and where you can easily start a relationship. A gym offers a
more conducive environment to start a conversation which may lead to
other things. Unlike a bar, a woman will not feel like you are trying to
take advantage of her

Go to Church– Church and
chapels are also the places to meet girls. This is very easy for those
who go to church regularly. You’ll find different manners of women in
the church and hopefully those with good morals. Also it is easy to
start a conversation with strangers without being too obvious. All you
have to do is to comment on the pastoral message of the day. If you’re
smart enough, things will take care of themselves after this and before
you know it, you exchanging addresses
There are probably many
other places to meet girls that guys can exploit. However, it doesn’t
matter how many places you visit or how many girls you come across. If
you can’t muster the courage to walk up to them and start a
conversation, you may as well just stay at home instead of going to
places to meet girls

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