How to Attract Men

 How to Attract Men

How to Attract Men

I’m about to show you what really attracts men to you – and not just what attracts them – but makes them really WANT to talk to you, approach you and ask for your number, take you out, and be around you.
I don’t intend to show you how to attract just any low quality male
(although any attractive woman will have all kinds of males wanting a
piece of her), I am going to show you what will draw men to you so that you will be more confident around men and be able to have more men to choose from, which will bring you closer to your Mr. Right. To be brutally honest, most women have no idea How to Attract Men. They think that if a guy looks at her, whistles at her, buys her a drink, or says she’s “hot”, that she must be a highly sought after female and that she is attractive to men.
Yes, she may be – on the surface. However, what really attracts the kind of man who is genuine or who has a deep and lasting attraction for you is a whole other story.

Most women don’t understand what attracts men

The tragedy is, if you don’t learn what truly attracts a man, you’ll probably have to settle for a lower quality guy, and end up a divorce statistic, even if you are able to get him to marriage. If you don’t learn what I’m about to introduce to you, you’ll become
another one of the hoards of women who don’t understand what attracts men on a deeper level that fulfills him (and you), and you’ll become one of those women who keeps having failed relationships, ‘boring’ relationships, and who never finds happiness with a man. Because it’s one thing to attract a man who thinks you’re “hot”, “a perfect 10”, or thinks you are just FAGT (‘For a Good Time’), but it’s another to attract several higher quality men to choose from, and then to truly fulfil one high quality man (who is worth it) forever, who will have attraction for you for the rest of his life.

There is no shortage of good looking women

There’s no doubt about it; there are plenty of good looking women out there, especially good looking women who are willing to ‘put themselves out there’, to get some cheap attention. However, there IS a shortage of attractive women. By attractive I mean the kind of woman many men want because she’s so delicately beautiful, genuine, authentic, magnetic, sexy, compassionate and exciting. If you want to be just good looking, and
surface level attractive, sure, there are plenty of men out there who will be willing to stuff around and be there just FAGT. However, being truly attractive to men is something that is counter-intuitive for most women.

What really attracts men

So, what attracts a man to a woman? On a surface level, it may be her looks. The signals of fertility, of femininity and of reproductive value. However, what truly attracts men is an energy. It’s your unique feminine energy of radiance and authenticity. Your vibe.  Think about it from your own perspective for a minute: have you ever seen (on the street, on television or in a movie), that kind of man who stands tall, is confident, genuine, masculine, charming, strong and centered, totally present with you when you’re talking to him, the kind of man who is not willing to take anyone’s crap? The kind of man you felt instantly drawn to, and whom you couldn’t HELP but feel attraction for? The kind of man you’d give anything to be around?
He’s rare, I know. But can you even imagine him, if you can’t think of one you’ve met before?
What makes him attractive?
I mean, people talk about how men need to be tall, dark and handsome. And many women say they prefer a man with more money, but this is all LOGICAL. Attraction is not logical, and attraction is something you just can’t help but feel.
The same applies to men.
So – how do you get that energy, that delicious energy and attractiveness that will draw men to you like bees to honey?

Here’s How:

First you must get in touch with your feminine energy. No, this doesn’t mean act girly, ditzy, and wear pinks and florals all day long (although all these things have their time and place). It means to remove the layers of conditioning that you have that makes you close up, shun what society and/or feminism or even friends may have taught you about men and dating and relationships, and become the authentic YOU so that your radiance can show up.

Here is how you cultivate your radiance, and therefore, your attractiveness to men:

1. Habitually put yourself in to a state (mood) of high energy. This isn’t about just being happy, this is about putting yourself in a great state so that you can operate from that state of resourcefulness.

When you present as a beautiful woman with plenty of internal resources (esteem for yourself, and a zest for life); what happens? You have juicy, seductive, and nurturing energy to give out, even if you don’t notice it yourself. And why be in a state of happiness? Because when you’re happy, you’re usually not acting from your conditioning; you’re going to be authentic, and you’re going to be responding to whatever situation comes up with a “you” energy, and this will draw not just men to you – but men who actually appreciate and love you for YOU.

Men respond to you when they can feel your authenticity. Some men don’t care about it – in which case, it’s a good thing, because your authenticity will repel the men you don’t want in your life. They probably wouldn’t make a great companion and lover to you anyway.

So, what I mean by a “you” energy is an energy that is uniquely yours, a part of your DNA. That energy that comes across when you are truly being yourself. If you want to know more about putting yourself in a good state, stay tuned, I will address this in the next section.

Something most women do not realize is that men crave, absolutely crave to be with a woman who is open to them. This world is full of women who are closed off (for good and bad reasons), and what this signals to men is that you’re not interested in
them, and that you’re just in to yourself. Now, as a woman, I can totally understand the need to close off to men, because if you’re too open, creeps may try to creep their way in to your world, and that can….well, creep you out.

What openness is not

However, most people think being open means being revealing. Y’know, revealing “details”. This is a WOMAN’S way of being open to other women. We connect, share and reveal stories, details and ‘things’ in our lives and in other people’s lives to share and create bonding and TRUST with other women. This is not the way to be open to a man. Sure, when you start a relationship with a man, you might want to reveal details when the
context calls for it, but when you’re wanting to attract him, and have more men to choose from and feel more confident around men, you need to understand exactly what openness means for a man. Here is how to be open: acceptance. I’ll say it again:

Most women simply don’t understand how important acceptance is to a man. Accept men. You can start by accepting ALL men. Acknowledge their presence and their existence. I don’t care if it’s a lolly pop man or a man at Subway making you a lunch roll, your taxi driver or a lawyer doing your will for you – it doesn’t matter, accept all men from all walks of life. You wouldn’t believe how often men feel that their hard work (which
is something they pride themselves on) goes unappreciated and unnoticed. Once you give men an energy of acceptance (which really means openness), you will be very surprised how much male attention, energy and attraction comes your way.

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