As long as relationships have existed so to has infidelity. When your girlfriend starts actingSigns Your Girlfriend is Cheating suspicious you may start to wonder if she is secretly seeing someone else.
Before you accuse her of anything look for signs your girlfriend is cheating. Of course you want to be sure she is being faithful to you, but wrongfully accusing someone of cheating does a lot of damage to a relationship.
There are 6 ways of how to tell if your girlfriend is cheating. These are characteristics that most cheaters share in common. These are normal everyday reactions and attitudes to keep an eye on.

1) She doesn’t return your calls
She’s okay with you going out with your friends in the wee hours of the morning and doesn’t really inquire about your whereabouts. Not unless you tell her about it, of course. She also does not make an effort to tell you where she’s going or about her plans for the weekend.

2) Emails, websites and more
One way to check for signs of faithlessness is to inspect their computer and check their emails, who have they been messaging online, and which websites they have been visiting. Dating sites are a dead giveaway but who they have been interacting with on Facebook or other social sites might also provide evidence or clues to cheating.

3) Hides Messages
Hidden text messages, emails and phone calls should send up a red flag. Unless she is planning some sort of surprise party for you there is no need of hiding who she is in contact with. There is a certain amount of trust that you must have for your girlfriend, but she certainly does not need to act suspicious.
4) She doesn’t initiate intimacy
She doesn’t have time to make love, she doesn’t linger when you kiss and she’s always seemed distant for some reason — well of course, she tells you she loves you and all — but a little intimacy counts a lot in a relationship. Better assess the situation now.

 5) Obvious Physical Signs of a Cheating Girlfriend
There are the usual obvious physical signs of a cheating girlfriend that you should watch out for like coming home smelling like cologne, coming home with damp hair or with hair that smells like a different shampoo, or coming home with her blouse buttoned crooked…or even on inside out.

6) She stops talking about a guy friend
Women will always have guy friends in their lives. Most of the time, you can trust these platonic friends. You’ll often hear your girl talk about these men because she has no “feelings” for them.
But if she has a guy friend and suddenly STOPS talking about him, then you should start to worry. It might be a sign that she is trying to keep a budding romance off your radar. If she is now dating this guy, then she’ll do her best to hide it from you.