How To Attract Women

How to attract women? If you are tired of single life or simply want some female How To Attract Women companion but you don’t know how to attract women, don’t fret as you will find all the information you need below. To begin with however you have to change your mentality and be courageous as it is a very simple process that has nothing to do with rocket science. You don’t even have to put in too much effort. Some of the tips that you can borrow from include :1) Be social:
For any man out there to answer the question on how to attract women, then they must understand that in general, women are social creatures. In fact they want to get someone who is fun to be with and who can be in good position to act in social situations. A man who can take the leadership role when in group of other men will definitely create attraction to women around him. If there are many men who are looking up to you for leadership, women will love that trait and in the end, you will have succeeded in getting correct answer on how to attract women.

2) Charme:
Again, this is not to be confused with arrogance. A charming man is a man who is relaxed, funny, slightly flirtatious (not sleazy!) and a good entertainer (although not a clown!)

3) Get interest in many things:
On how to attract women, show some-interest in different things. Don’t just talk about ordinary things like job and movies. This will lead to boredom on the part of women. Develop interest in what the woman likes. For example if she loves swimming you can go together, play tennis together, visit museums and help in developing their hobbies.

4) Flirt:
If you want to win the full attention of a woman, then start practicing a few flirting moves. Though flirting might be awkward in some instances, the truth of the matter is that most women like to be flirted. Don’t just put too many words with no actions. As much as you can try, engage it with some level of body contact, it works wonders! At the same time you have to be careful not to overdo it to the extent of causing any form of embarrassment.

5) Bigger penis size:
Oh boy, I can hear everyone right now saying, “wait a minute, I thought size didn’t matter?” First of all it does matter, and secondly it works in more than one way. Increased size leads to loads of CONFIDENCE. Time and again, the guys who have increased their size, have completely turned things around for themselves and transformed into much more outgoing individuals, attracting more and more women than ever before. Confidence is king for attraction to be successful, and the number one confidence builder can be bigger penis size. Now before you start popping useless pills, the only real solution to size is to research jelqing exercises which do in fact work.

6) Converse and listen:
Have normal conversation and be comfortable with an informal chat, just like you would have one with the postmen or a salesperson in a store. Don’t try to be someone else. When you converse, avoid gossip or negative talk. Women perceive a man who gossips to be petty, having a closed mind, and being very domestic. They want the warriors. These are men with big hearts, gracious behaviors and open minds. These men know how to attract women because they show that they can think big and overlook trivial things.
Another quality of men that is attractive to women is the ability to listen, intently and with sincerity. When you listen to a woman carefully, you are showing authentic interest in her. She sees you as a potential candidate to have heart to heart exchanges.

7) Smile more often:
Yep, doing something as simple as smiling more often is going to make you seem more approachable, it is going to make you seem like you are happier, and those are things that are going to make you come across as being more appealing. Having a serious look on your face all of the time is not really the way to go if you are hoping to get some female attention headed in your direction.

8) Exhibit High Status :
One of the biggest secrets of attracting women is to talk to them like you really don’t care. In other words, as if it’s no big deal talking to a attractive woman. You want to show her you have done it loads of time without coming across as an arrogant jerk. Not this is a sensitive issue and it takes skill to pull this off.

II)Special Ideas

Wear a high-priced watch:
This is perhaps not essential to all women, although most women would see your watch (especially a Rolex). Whatever you do, DO NOT make a blatant reference to your expensive watch if you are wearing one. Men who do that are classified as cheap. Let the woman discover your watch by herself. You can be certain that she will !

Buy a Sport vehicle:
Most women do like sport and expensive vehicles and would be very pleased if they attracted a man who had one (Mercedes, or Porsche, or similar). Once again, your attitude is vital in this. DO NOT brag about it. Which would not be cool. You MUST BE COOL about it. Let her find out about it. Be certain that she will, and when she does she will be very impressed by the fact that you haven’t bragged about it (although she may not tell you that). By you being cool about the expensive things you include (such as an expensive watch or sport vehicle), she will assume that these things are normal for you. That will make you look cooler and even more desirable.

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