All Girls Love Being Seduced By The Right Guy

Have you ever met a girl whose dream was to stay house, read training books, and NEVER All Girls Love Being Seduced By The Right Guymeet her Prince Charming?

Me neither. Just like all guys crave sex, 24/7, all girls crave Mr. Right.

Sometimes Mr. Right Now.

And when you’re talking to her, she’s not busily thinking to herself:

“Jeez, I need to think of a way to get rid of this creep… ”

Or you’d know it. Trust me on this.

She’s more than likely thinking something like this:

“He seems interesting. I hope he becomes more interesting or attractive.”

Why is she thinking this? Because when a man looks at a lady, he knows right away if she’s hot or not.

But when girls interact with guys? They need some conversation. They’re much more dependent on things like character, self confidence, contact, etc. They don’t have it so easy. It takes time for women to generate attraction.

Imagine you go into a room, that’s filled with smoke. You see a girl across the room. She looks like she might be hot.

You will get close, and her figure and face start to appear through the haze.

Now, be honest. What are you thinking at this point?

“I imagine she’s hot.”


“I hope she’s ugly.”

Nobody in their right mind would look at a vague figure and hope she’s ugly.

Just like when a lady talks to a guy, she’s NOT thinking:

“Boy I hope this guy turns out to be a jerk!”

She’s thinking:

“I hope he gets more attractive. That would be AWESOME!”

See, she WANTS you to succeed.

And naturally, so do you.

Obviously, you’ve got your criteria, and she’s got hers. Most guys make the mistake of only considering their own physical criteria, which is satisfied as soon as you look at her.

Meaning that when you walk over there, you’re already convinced that she qualifies, which makes the burden on your to qualify yourself to her.

However, when you’ve got criteria in addition to just her physical appearance, you’ll have a lot more success.

See, girls like to chase guys as much as they like being chases. Some guy that gives off a vibe of “I like you I hope you like me,” won’t do much for her.

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