Text Messages To Turn Him On

Text Messages have completely changed he way humans communicate since their Text Messages To Turn Him Onemergence a few years ago.When a woman knows how to use texts correctly, it can work like a charm especially when she wants to attract men.

Are you looking to get a man attracted to you a point where he cannot go a day without calling or sending you a text? Are you finding it hard to get a man’s attention? It is about time you found out how to make use of sexy text messages. Such messages will attract him to you and get him all hooked.

I found out how i works and my man cannot seem to get enough of me. First of all, you need o understand how the mind of a man works while he texts. Many women get offended when they receive a sexy text from a man. What if you can get he man to go past just the sexual attraction? What if you are able to appeal more to his imagination?

You need to understand a man’s psyche and what they look for when they interact with women. There are some things that attract a man to a woman or some which make him pull away. When a man fail to reply your texts then it is quite possible that you are yet to learn the right formula yet. The moment you master the art of using sexy text messaging then the man will get hooked to you. Most men will be interested in knowing you past the texts.

Indeed men are from Mars while women are from Venus. This is quite evident in the way they text. Women use their words to engage and connect. Men are attracted to sexy and flirty texts. Men rarely enjoy having serious conversations through texts unless the conversation can be done over a phone call. When you text a he will be excited about replying to.

Some women end up waiting for many hours on end for a man to reply. when I text may man, he is always excited and this triggers an immediate response. He wants to keep the texts going because he excite him.This is because I appeal to his senses by being playful and teasing him. Try to think outside the box. Get his mind to imagine. Here is an example of a text that is likely to generate some interest. “Have you tasted something so juicy that you found yourself salivating for more?”

The text is quite suggestive to any man reading it. You should try to be flirty but you do not have to keep it sexual. Once he replies you can reply with a text like “the food i am having at the moment is making me salivate.”

You can then give  him time to allow his imagination to take over. Give him time to start filling in the blanks without any hints from you. All you need is to pass on the hint and appeal to his imagination. His mind will do the rest.

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