Dirty Text Messages

Text messaging is one of the most commonly used methods ofDirty Text Messages
communication and is done in various forms whether it is over SMS systems, over standard mail protocols like on Blackberry or over the web
using mobile applications such as Whats-app or web messaging services like Facebook Chat, 2go and Yahoo messenger. Text messages are used for various purposes but many are using them to send sexually explicit information. Dirty text messages also known as sexting has become one of the most common forms of text messages today.

Dirty text messages are usually composed of sexually explicit words whether mild or extreme and are often accompanied by pictures, which are either in provocative positions or even nude, and semi nude pictures. Others may attach provocative sounds such as moaning and groaning which imply an ongoing sexual act. As mentioned previously, Dirty Text
messages are predominantly sent by the younger generation mainly teenagers and those under 35.

However, those above 35 years of age are also increasingly sexting each other due to various reasons. Among the youth around 10% of American teens and 20 year olds regularly send dirty text messages and 40% have received a dirty text message at least once. With technological advances, sexting is also being enhanced with videos and such text messages are being sent over various social networks which unlike the traditional SMS platform exposes such messages to a wide audience with various consequences.

Sexting is mainly associated with negative consequences some of which have had a major negative impact on people’s social lives. Having an explicit text sent by you to some crush forwarded to every gossip girl in your area or having a nude picture of you shared by some person with a grudge in your class Whats app group is not anyone’s path of achieving fame socially. Sexting however has even greater risks.

Explicit pictures of people are constantly being stolen from their original upload sites whether it is a forwarded multimedia messages to those sent over web messaging services and being posted on porn sites or those deep web sites that are visited by perverted persons.

Eventually, the text-er loses control over the content they sent and this not only often leads to social isolation but also depression and stress to the sender Another negative consequence of dirty text messaging is the use of such content for blackmail especially if the person who sent the dirty text message is considered to be of highly moral virtue and in homophobic nations, LGBT persons are often targeted since they are forced to either heed to the demands of the blackmailer of face criminal persecution or even the risk of death..

Couples who often sent each other dirty text messages then break up can also start a cycle of revenge. Not a month passes by without some sex scandal between previously tight’ couples. However, sending dirty text messages does have some positive effects. Especially among the older generation, sexting has been shown to  strengthen relationships as it shows a partner that their spouse still thinks of them in a sexual way at an age where many start seeing themselves as unattractive thus sending dirty text messages does have some positive effect too.

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