Flirt Text Messages to Send Your Guy

Flirt Text Messages to Send Your Guy

We’ve all been there; you meet an attractive guy, the two of you hit off, andFlirt Text Messages to Send Your Guy
by the end of the conversation, he gets your phone number. Then next day he sends you a text and after a series of texts, you find yourself in a “flirt-texting” relationship.

Apparently, flirt-texting is becoming the forerunner of official dating. And because of that, most people are finding it necessary to learn and master the art of making flirtatious text without sexting or being blatantly naughty. To stay at the edge of your flirt texting game, be sure to go through the rest of this article for necessary guidelines:

The importance of flirt-texting with your guy To begin with, flirt-texting can actually help you to spice up your relationship. Plus, it may make you want to talk to your man more often. That’s to say if you feel like you’re really missing him, just send him a simple “hello handsome” text and you’d have communicated your feelings.

Flirt-texts are also fun and very exciting. More importantly, they can help you to know if your significant other is in good shape or in a good state of mind.

For those who are just beginning to date, flirt-texting can help you to break the ice that exists in your fresh-faced relationship. By sending your guy a flirt text, you simply get to know more about him, which may in turn help you to strengthen the connection that you have in relationship.

Lastly, the people who get the most out of flirt-texting are those in a long distance relationship. Of course, we sometimes feel insecure, especially when we don’t get to see the people we love every time we want to.

That’s when the thoughts of “ does-he-miss-me-as-much-as-i-do’’ begin to crop in. Fortunately, flirt-texting allows you to be honest with your feelings, which is actually a good way of dealing with your insecurities.

How to draft flirty text for your guy
01: The first text you send to your guy or potential boyfriend matters a lot in determining the outcome of your text conversations. For instance, if you begin by sexting a guy you’ve only met once, he might mistake you for a booty call. And every effort you apply to convince him how you’re a potential girlfriend for him may subsequently prove to be futile.

To stay safe, it’s advisable to keep your flirt-texts buoyantly casual. Try starting the conversation with something like, “hey there”, or “how’s your day.” In short, good flirt texting comes with strategy. If you can come up with a plan, you can easily swing up the conversation to achieve any desired result. For example, if you’re intending to ask your man to dinner, just come up with something like, “I’m starving and my fridge has nothing for me to eat.” With such a text, you can easily manipulate your man to take you to dinner without putting in too much effort.

Make him smile

The most crucial aspect of flirt-texting is humour–which translates to entertaining ability. And humour in this case refers to teasing, sarcasm, or the inside jokes. In fact, like all the girls, guys too appreciate girls with good senses of  humour. And if you can make him laugh, then be rest assured he’ll be coming in for more.

Use smiley faces

Smiley faces are not only fun, but also flirty when used correctly in texts. In fact, the most noted smiley in flirt-texts is the wink, which is usually enough to hint that you’re initiating a conversation. Also, if possible, try to include a smiley faces at the end of every text, and
you’ll certainly be increasing the impression of your texts.

Use his name in the texts you send

To make your conversation more personal and intimate, try to use his name the texts you send — especially when you’re complimenting him. Another trick is to get him a pet name that matches his personality perfectly well. Use the pet name randomly in the texts you send, and watch as your man begins to like you even more.

Don’t be desperate

Being desperate or trying too hard to maintain a flirt-text conversation with your man will only make him mose interest in you. Further, don’t let it appear like you’re flirting with him. He may mistake you for an-easy-to-get type and even, worse, fail to take note of all the effort you put in for him.

Best example of flirty texts

The following is just a short list of flirt texts examples that you can use to draft your own texts. However, if you feel like your creativity is not enough to generate a witty flirt-text, there’s the Text Ex Back Product to help you out.

Here are the examples:

– My friends are tired of seeing beautiful creatures… would you be down?
– Hey dude, stop thinking about me …
– there’s news that the police are looking for someone described as beautiful, sexy intelligent, and funny..
Don’t worry coz you’re safe … but where do i hide ?
– I wanna be stupid and fall in love with you…
– I kinda like you more than i did when we originally mett… That’s not the plan I originally had…
– Hey, the weird guy who makes me smile!
– Let me see who else is boring today..
– Santa needs your picture to grant me my wish…
– If I’m not wrong, you talked to me first then went ahead to text me first… Are you stalking me in a good way?
– I don’t believe in love at first sight… so you’ll have to walk by again…
– Beautiful, intelligent, fun, sexy, charming, spontaneous… Enough about me! what about you?
– If love was taxed, I could be the highest tax payer..
– If you’re going to be free for the rest of your life, text me back…
– I’ll be getting off in the next 30 minutes; can you join me in the fun?
– A thought that has you in it has just crossed my mind…
– I bought a new pair of underwear today, and it looks great on me … Wanna see it?
– Morning sleepyhead… Go to work, but have a great day..
– You look great today… Guess how I knew it.
Because you’ve always been great…
– L’ve just gotten out of shower. Can you please help me to get dirty again?

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