Dirty Text Messages To Send To A Guy

The Importance of Dirty Text Messages to Send to a Guy

Texting is so much fun and its even more fun if you know some dirty text messages to send to a guy. Did you know that you canDirty Text Messages To Send To A Guy

text pictures? The next time that you are online text to his phone
two parenthesis and dots…like this…( * ) ( * ) . Guess what that is?
Sending dirty text messages

can titilate your man. At the very least its amusing to you both.

Another message is this one… Two parenthesis and an exclamation
point.. )!( ..no its not a butterfly guess again. Or you can captivate
him with description. Like ” Whats up? .. Maybe you are..” or ” Trailing
fingers down your arm,” or ” Wrapping legs around you ” <———-

” Wrapping fingers around you”, ” Warm lips pressed against yours ” ,
trembling with desire,” 4 nick 8, 2 good 2 B Believed, Wish U were Here
)!( ,

Private text is a very personal thing. Sharing these moments with
your loved one can spice up your relationship. “<==== aiming to
please are ya? ” “Crossing bare legs .. waiting” or ” LMAO” ( Laughing
my ass off).

Or you could tell a dirty joke to get him smiling:

* If at first you don’t succeed, keep sucking.”

* Why is the grass greener on the other side of the fence? There is a lot more shit.

* There were two mature women sitting on a park bench. A handsome
male jogger runs by and one woman puts her hand to her chest and says “I
think I could have a stroke.” The other woman looks at her and says ”
Me too , if he slows down.”

How to Create Dirty Text Messages to Send to a Guy

Texting can be very entertaining to do. You can get very creative with symbols. <====% …

)!( <====% innocent look, 2 good 2 B 4 got 10, ” There would be no big ones if
there were no little ones”, There is no i in sex” Scream if you want it”, ” “I Can Hear You Breathing”, ” GGGRRRRRRRRR” “Lick”, “Naked and Ready”, ” Pole Vault on over here”,

Remember that it is all in fun. It is a light hearted way of connecting with a loved one. Its using the midia of the times and sending your thoughts in a sexy way.

Texting is a very popular way of communicating with your guy. Try out of few texts to get the hang of it. Instead of typing out full words try using like U for you or R for are. Shorten them as much as possible. Instead of typing out long words look for ways to trim them down smaller.

Let him know that you thnk he is sexy by sending him messages through out the week.. Reach into your treasure trove of words and tell him what is in your heart. He will love to hear this from you. It will make him feel special and in turn he will do it right back to you.

With your guy Dirty words have a naughty feeling about them when used in an
intimate setting. With your guy it will spark a heightened sense of awareness in him that will kindle passion when he gets home. Try it and see what happens.

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