3 Naughty Phrases that Drive Men Wild

Dennis Weiss
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Naughty Phrases that Drive Men Wild

Do not underestimate the power of words when it comes to love making. When it comes to the male species, the right words and tone can trigger both and emotional and physical response. As vain as it might sound, men love it when you praise their sexual prowess and make them know just how good they are in love making. Naughty Phrases that Drive Men Wild

Truth is, most men get turned on by the idea that their partner is enjoying what they are doing. Your man wants to know that not only do you love what he is doing, but you want him to continue doing it to you.

It is a universal thing – It doesn’t matter where your man comes from, or where he was brought up. There is that primal feeling among the male species that make them get satisfaction when they can fulfill the desires of their women.
So, how can you make sure that your man knows that you love making love to him? Well, some of the words that you can whisper to him while you take a trip in the sex train include:

1. You are so great:

Make him feel like a sex god by telling him just how great he is. Whisper it to him as he slides in and out of you. You can insert any adjective you find appropriate, such as you are so fantastic, huge, awesome, sweet… or anything that will make him feel like he is so good at the game. You can make things more explicit and interesting by adding the ‘F-word’. Basically, compliment him such that he feels confident. This not only makes intercourse between you better, but it also helps in strengthening your relationship. You can learn more about this in my Language of desire program.

2.Go on – Don’t stop!

How do you make a man know that he is doing a good job while making love to you? The answer is: Encourage him to continue. “I want it harder…..Don’t stop….right there…Yes!” are some of the phrases you can use to nudge him on. Again, you can add some explicit words to make things better. Men love it when they are with a partner who shows enthusiasm.

3. You turn me on so much – I can’t have enough of you:

Another thing that men love is their partners telling them how much they turn them on. Make him see just how much he has an effect on you. You could be exaggerating, but as long as he is happy, that is all that matters. There are many relationships that are on the verge of breaking because the man feels like he is not good enough. So, boost his ego by letting him know that it feels good when he is with you.

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