How to start a text conversation with a girl tactics

Dennis Weiss
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The question of how to start a text conversation with a girl is something that most guys wonder about. Well, if that girl has a strong liking for you, they will respond to anything you text them, even if it’s boring. But if they’re not that into you, then you’re going to find a way of becoming smarter than 98% of the other guys who text something like ”Hey, whatsup?”start a text conversation with a girl

The Tactic

Starting and maintaining an interesting text conversation isn’t an easy thing for most guys meeting new women in their lives. However, with a little bit of learning here and there, guys can nail it without sounding boring or risking no reply. Please beware that too many poorly-constructed text messages at first sight will make that girl’s interest wane. Therefore, it’s imperative that you get this one right before you kill your chances of ever getting close to her heart.

In this article, you shall learn how and when to start a text message conversation. The goal is to keep their interest or even arouse their curiosity so they can want you more.

The best time to start a conversation through text message

Figuring out the best time to send a message is something you have to know before you even decide to text her. For instance, sending out those text messages hoping to start a conversation when she’s busy is not a good idea. Do this many times and she’ll put you in the list of guys who are always present at the wrong time.

Irrespective of how great your text messages are, if she isn’t available for texting, she can’t text, plain simple! Forcing her to do so will only make her annoyed with you.

The good thing is that this is not rocket science. You can still figure out how her schedule is. When you’re trying to know her, make sure you have a rough idea of how her days and nights are. Then you can text appropriately.

Starting the conversation

Now that we’ve seen the best time to start a text conversation, let’s learn how to start that conversation. Now, the rule of thumb is to avoid texting what other guys text when they meet women for the first time. There is only a thousand ways of telling the same thing. If many guys text ”Hey whatsup?”, find another twist of that conversation starter and you’ll gain an edge over the other guys.

Mix statements with questions

When two people of the opposite sex have met and are already comfortable with each other, they tend to use a healthy blend of statements and questions.

Now, see what many guys do; they only ask question after question, i.e. ”how was your day?”, ”what’s going on?” etc. If you ask questions and only questions, you will appear as generic, hence putting the ball in her court.

In fact, you’re not giving value here. Instead, what you’re doing is to hope that she will do the work for you by replying with something interesting you can latch onto and expand on. And the problem with this type of approach is that, in most cases, you will always receive a low-value and pointless response like “nm u?” If you ask how she is doing, she will say ”Good” and stop there. Obviously this pattern sucks, and is lame. It’s a rich recipe for boredom — a pattern you don’t want to be associated with when courting a girl the first time.

To avoid running into this problem, you should start your conversation with something situational or humorous. Talk about a situation you’ve witnessed or anything like that.

The perfect text opener

We’ve seen that questions all the time are not good. But then, statements all the time are equally not good, so let’s find the perfect mix. Let’s give her something she considers fun, so she’ll want to participate.

Instead of texting the boring ”Hey whatsup?” text opener, spruce it up with something like this: ”Hey, what trouble have you ran into today?”

The cute nickname tactic

You could use a cute nickname that was as a result of an experience you underwent together the first time you met. This name will invoke positive feelings associated with that experience. It will help brighten her, expecting more from you.


How to start a text conversation with a girl is something you can learn and master. If you don’t already have this skill as a gift, get your copy of the Text the Romance Back guide => and turn every girl’s phone number into a full-blown relationship or one-night stand.

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