New Accidental Discovery Exposes How The Female Brain Can Be “Programmed” to Desire Any Male.

Dennis Weiss
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Desire Any Male

Seattle, Washington – Years of biological study has lead one group of researchers to determine that the “desire sector” of a woman’s brain can be Desire Any Maleprogrammed, at will, like a computer.

It sounds like something out of a sci-fi novel, but researchers confirm that the female brain can, indeed, be programmed exactly like a computer to desire any male .

The interesting thing about this discovery, besides the fact that it was completely accidental, is that once this aspect of the female brain is programmed to desire a male, it doesn’t matter what that male actually looks like – tall, short, fat, skinny, muscular, or ugly.

In other words, once this “switch” in the female brain is turned on it doesn’t matter if you have Brad Pitt looks with Donald Trump’s money or if you’re a fat construction worker living in a tiny mobile home – she will want you just as much.

The research – outlined in this video here – shows how a combination of body language, social mechanics, and verbal cues, when applied correctly, will switch on the part of a woman’s brain that makes her Desire Any Male .

Researchers say that this desire, “Acts almost like an addictive drug, making the woman desire the male so completely, that she will do anything to be with him.”

However, researches emphasize that it’s not as “sci-fi” as it sounds. “We are all just biological creatures who have developed similarly over millions of years of combined evolution. Because of this we all have biological triggers – certain smells make us hungry, certain situations make us feel a particular emotion, certain substances carry a statistically higher rate of addiction.”

The study goes on to state, “The human brain is a biological computer and, just like any computer, it can be programmed and manipulated. By performing the perfect combination of actions we discovered, any male can create intense desire within any female – it’s just a biological trigger, it’s a reality of existence.”

The video, which can be found here – has been making its rounds on the Internet since researchers released it a couple of days ago. In that time it has become a viral phenomenon.

However, with that popularity has come a lot of backlash. Feminist groups have already begun lobbying to have the video taken down and online petitions have already accumulated hundreds of thousands of signatures to have the study – and the video – buried from public view.

It seems as though feminist groups and women in general don’t like the idea that any man – using these techniques – can create desire within them instantly.

Will the video remain online? Time will tell. Until then you can view it by clicking the button below.

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