How to meet the cute girl in class

How to meet the cute girl in class

Et’s be honest: College guys waste incalculable amounts of time brainstorming (or stressingHow to meet the cute girl in class about) how to meet the cute girl in class While there are plenty of ways to get acquainted, there’s one key component to every successful strategy: confidence Women intuitively know when you’re unsure, and most will make themselves scarce if you’re too timid Once you’ve got your self-assurance nailed down, the effectiveness of your icebreaker depends on the girl’s preferences “I don’t mind if he tries to get to know me for a while I feel like that way, he would have more of a chance to grow on me.

So I don’t shut him down right off the bat,” says Kaeli Schneider “But then again, there are a lot of times when I feel like the more straightforward he is, the better” Some guys break the ice by asking for a pencil Some simply introduce themselves Patient guys will often wait for a group project, then maneuver into her group “I usually try to get a seat somewhere near her then talk to her when I get a chance,”

Says Ethan Bradshaw How you get there doesn’t matter, only that you’re close enough to start a conversation Generally, your opening lines don’t matter much, so long as they’re not excessively flirty or creepy “I just kind of open my mouth and start talking It’s like being a on a mission again – I hope whatever comes out is inspired,” says Bradshaw If you don’t know what to say, try this complimenting her – shoes, hair, intelligent comment she made in class, whatever – just compliment her Tat’s advice straight from President Manson (and plenty of relationship experts) Whatever you end up doing, remember the key: Stay confident

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