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Review on Amy North’s Text Chemistry

It is surprising to see how we rely on our smartphones to do half of the job when it is about relationships and dating.

Today, dates and encounters are successful if you exchange phone numbers, and start receiving texts to check the chemistry of hearts.

In this digitized era, texting has become a basic mode of interacting with someone. It not only helps you in expressing the feelings but saves you from the awkwardness of timid confessions.

However, these texts define a chemistry that makes the conversation flowing.

You might not have any solutions if you have the chemistry wrong.

Wondering about getting lectures on this one? You should stick to this review then.

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Here is my review of Text Chemistry. This is an online dating session by the popular relationship guide, Amy North. This program claims to provide everything one must know about texting.

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An Insight of Text Chemistry Review

Amy North introduced Text Chemistry as the online dating teacher who emphasizes on the foundation of texting when you talk to someone and how to proceed from that point.

Primarily, it enables you to interact with the date via texts that provoke their attention towards you.

The Text Chemistry PDF is based on the writer’s learning and observation about the changing aspects of a romantic relationship. Early stages of seeing someone and the role of communication in it have been specifically discussed.

Fascinatingly, it also states the method of initial conversations and how it changes over time. Eventually, these changing conversations decide the fate of a relationship.

Amy North’s Text Chemistry targets women and tells them how they can utilize a text to provoke men for taking interest in them.

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About Amy North

The author is a professional relationship mentor from Vancouver, Canada. She is among the best-selling writersAbout Amy North and famous for her YouTube channel through which she guides the viewers with interesting tips and suggestions on dating.

She specializes in helping women in finding their right life partner and the prince they had dreamed of.

She has spent a big part of her life researching the natures and basic aspects of infatuation and dating and coming up with this online dating session as a result of her findings.

My Interest in the Program

There was a time when my dating life was in ruts. Life seems to suck and emotionless when you are 28 and still single.

This was the time in life when I started searching for dating advice and YouTube was my buddy. Amy North became my preference since then.

I had every reason to dig deeper when this online dating session came around because I wanted to date someone after a very rough breakup back then.

Although the program targeted women, my interest was in the advice and tips it had for both the parties.

Until then, I was a complete idiot in knowing women and also a jerk when it came to priorities in dating.

I was interested to know the ways infatuation is formed and sustained in a relation. Dating being the toughest job for me then, Text Chemistry sounded the best way to understand how women thought and acted in a relationship.

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Text Chemistry’s Working Claims

This online dating program promotes the magic text idea according to which any man’s psychology can be triggered and provoking him to text you back.

The session has some texts that are specially written as responses for the types of things men commonly talk about at the beginning of a relationship.

Moreover, these texts work as conversation initiators that a woman can send to anyone for smooth interaction and leaving the man to interact more.

The session claims to successfully provoke a response from any man, even the coldest ones.

Text Chemistry emphasizes on getting a man’s full attention in the most attractive way possible by using the mental triggers. The term attention hooks have been used that attracts a man towards you.

The Base of This Program

Detailed psychological research, analysis, and the results from the author over the years are the foundation of this whole program.

Her findings focus on the assumption that almost every man shares the same basic psychological triggers which a woman can target with the texts.

These texts assure immediate responses. The program also provides a summary of how women can utilize the texts in any scenario that they might encounter while dating. For example, if the man you are attracted to gets emotionless or pushes you away or even end things with you, these texts can help you attract a new guy and completely make him fall for you.

Actually, this program provides women different texts for different circumstances which provoke men to get a little serious, be excited to interact with you, crave more, and care for you.

Text Chemistry also identifies the basics of initial feelings of affection and attraction in people and what type of conversation plays a fundamental role in it.

What is in the Program?

Text Chemistry targets women, and I was amused in the entire program since I am a man and it was kind of a pleasure for me. Initially, it not only made me question the accuracy of the findings, but it made me excited to view the results from these ideas.

The program has a main book and thirteen videos. You also receive three complimentary ebooks from the author. These three ebooks are:

  • Phone Game
  • Why Men Leave
  • Quality Men on Tinder

For everyone eager to get a quick review of Text Chemistry, here is a quick and brief review of the program.

  1. “Do men ignore your messages.”

The writer provides you an efficient trick that can help you provoke men to respond right away and continuously. When you feel like they are ignoring you or have rejected, the texts can get you back in the game.

  1. “E-Glow Text.”

These texts allow you to rewire your man’s thoughts so that he loves you no matter what happens during texting. Once you send these messages, he will be provoked to think about you more.

  1. “Get Your Ex Back.”

These texts are for the scenario where your boyfriend has clarified that everything is over. If you love him and desperately want to get back together, Amy North recommends a satellite text which will make him regret losing you. It will also bring up the thoughts of a second chance.

  1. “Your relationship has become stale and boring.”

Such texts teach you how to add spice to your relationship. The text brings your man in an excited condition whenever you two meet on the first date. It also provides numerous practical tips and suggestions to bring the relationship’s spark back.

  1. “Make him passionate about you.”

These messages help you to fill your man’s minds with your thoughts, provoking him to crave for you and think about your words all the time.

  1. “Simple Cheat Sheet”

This one helps you to decipher his messages so that figuring out your man’s real feelings becomes easier. It will help you to find out what he really means.

Texts can be very misleading sometimes but this message section provides some effective ideas of getting the man.

  1. “Getting him to propose.”

This section consists of the unintentional messages that make him think about marrying you and settling down with you. You can make the most out of this if you want him to propose.

  1. “Make him miss you.”

This section improves your texting abilities and enables you to crave for you. He will miss you so much that waiting for the next meeting would be the toughest for him.

  1. “Taking the right picture.”

Thinking of sending him your picture? Do not forget to keep this section in check when doing so. This will let you know how silly and adorable pictures can work more wonders than the nudes.

  1. “Bang his head!?”

Confused right? This message section teaches you the right manner of talking so that he is hung up on your texts or thoughts. He will not forget these easily! Make him figure out lame excuses to text you every day for discovering you more.

  1. “How to communicate with him over the phone?”

Anxiety is common and we all have had it when we had to communicate with our crush on the first date over the cellphone. Calling and answering are equally jittering in these circumstances. This section of Text Chemistry claims that it can help women set all the nervousness aside and communicate confidently with the man.

  1. “Shooting for the stars.” 

This is the gist of the entire process of provoking the guy. It helps you to find out the best way in which you can provoke him to focus only on you. Bring this one in action and enjoy his undivided attention.

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My Opinion

One thing is definite about this program that it does hit the psychological triggers of men. Being a man, I can relate many of the tactics which raise the success rate significantly.

The idea of getting a man’s focus by hitting on his psychological triggers might help in explaining some points. Simultaneously, one cannot ignore the idea that cases are different and so are there results.

However, the program does help in removing personal insecurities. It surely empowers women, enabling them to be confident while dating.

Lastly, the two-month refund policy for this program is amazing for the dissatisfied people. This is the best part of the whole session, building a valuable customer-endorser relationship.

Possible changes in the program

The most important problem with the program that must be addressed is that it can seem like a devious trick. You would not appreciate someone tricking you in a relationship. No one likes mind-games or toying so this program might not be appreciated by several people. This may be offensive for many.

Also, the session might not be a 100 percent success for all, and the result of every case will differ. No matter how strictly you follow.

Last but not the least, this program is accessible through the internet only and you have to pay some charges too.


Text Chemistry examples depict that the program is designed to maintain a fun and comfortable dating situation. It helps the readers to move forward in their relationship with confidence. As they say, confidence make women sexier!

Watch Amy’s video on this weird text message now while it’s still available:

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