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The Tao of Badass

“Everything You Have To Know To Be A Complete Badass With Women.”

The Tao of BadassThe Tao of Badass… builds you a solid foundation on attracting women. In other words, you’ll finally learn the things that matter when it comes to creating attraction with women.

This book packs a lot of useful, proven, and in-your-face information
in 150 pages. It has
a solid psychology behind it. And it’s easy to
understand even kids easily “get” it.

If you’re asking… “what’s a badass with women?”
Well, according to the book, it’s someone who doesn’t just get lucky with women.

Instead he creates good situations where he has control of social interactions… be it with women or otherwise.

Who Wrote This?

thetaoofbadassJoshua Pellicer created The Tao of Badass.
He’s a dating and relationship coach.
And he’s had students from all walks of
life from celebrities to average guys.But what’s important is… he has real experience (he tried and tested everything for years just to find out what works) and what he teaches is easy to follow. He also respects women and treats them right.You can read more about him here (on the side). BUT finish reading this first… and use the special link (to a video presentation) below if you want to get more from him at a no-brainer bargain.

what do others say?

Nothing but praise.
I tried searching for something other than that with no luck. Most of his readers and students are pretty much satisfied.
A lot of them are impressed by what he teaches. And, some of them have been following him for years now.

is this for you?

If you’ve never been good with interacting with women and you want to improve yourself…. and you want to be a complete badass with women, then, this IS for you.
But… if you consistently get women under five minutes, or if you want to trick women or mess with them then this is NOT for you.
Simple as that.

what you’ll learn…

There’s a lot of information packed in there. And there’s no fluff. And, if I list everything here, this will get really, really long.
So… here’s just a “taste” of what you’ll learn:

you can be a badass with women

The Tao of Badass

This opens the door. Break its hinges. And sends it flying… far.
After reading this part you’ll know about the reasons why women are
attracted to certain types of men. You’ll know what to do to attract the right kind of woman who will continuously be attracted to you.

And that includes knowing the qualities (like confidence) you want to
display to be a badass with women. That’s why the next part teaches you
how to…

Build Your Confidence

You’ll learn what confidence really is (it may not be what you think it is). And how you can project this quality naturally when you meet women.
You’ll get new insights as he traces it back to its roots. And the simple 5 stages you need to follow to have more of that…

Natural Confidence.

Here’s a hint: It’s the same thing that influences
your emotions and you can take control of it. You’ll know how he did it.
And how you can do it too to make women uncontrollably want you.

map of interaction

The next part is about how you can create good situations. You should already know part of this from the PDF on this Booke.
Here, you’ll learn the exact reason behind every move (why do this
and that) in the exact system he uses and… each step dissected in great

You’ll also learn the consequences if you skip a step. Like how you can end up on the ‘friend zone’ if you don’t do one little thing at the right time. And how to tell early if she’s putting you on the ‘friend zone’ and what you can do to reverse that.

You’ll also know a SECRET used by dating coaches to ‘rejection proof’ anything you say no matter how extreme it is.
Important: You should also remember the key points
here especially the one on page 55. It’s very important when you’re
qualifying. Use it to flip her attraction switches and make her want to
have you.
The next part is about…


You’ll know what approach anxiety really is. And how you can overcome it COMPLETELY, so you’ll be fearless when you approach women.
You’ll understand why being affected by rejection will actually cause
you to get rejected more often, and what you should do to overcome it.
There’s also an important key here about something that
seems harmless. It’s what your intentions should be when approaching.
Which is to improve. Focus on the process. And forget about the outcome.
Just applying this one little thing will help you to infinitely
improve. But you must be aware that you must also…

pass her tests

You’ll understand why women use them… why you need to recognize these tests… and how to pass each type of tests with flying colors and give her that feeling of attraction.
You’ll know about her natural behaviour. And, you’ll learn how to react in a way that shows you are…

A Confident Man
With Plenty Of Options.

Man. This is really good stuff, especially the next one about…

body language

Now, I have to admit something, this is actually my favorite part of
the book. Why? Because this is where it shines. It’s very detailed. (I
think this is the best part of the book.)
This is where you’ll learn how to use your body language to speak directly to her emotions and attract her INSTANTLY without saying a word. This is really powerful stuff because…

The Tao of Badass

You’ll also learn how to tweak your walk, how to sit so you don’t
turn women off, and how to use the right tone of voice on each stage of
the interaction.
You’ll also read about the triangulation method – which you can use to have make out sessions without having to make the first move (even if she doesn’t like you at first).
You’ll also get to know the types of body language that those who
haven’t read the book don’t know about. And how to use them during each
of the stages.
He gives very detailed instruction how to do each one. So, you’ll easily get it.
You’ll also learn how to tell for sure… if a woman is attracted to you regardless of what she says using the 10 signals of attraction.
And, it gets even better in the ‘Creating Love’ part, an in-depth guide on creating deep…

emotional connection

This is actually my second favorite part of the book.
You’ll learn about the formula on how to create that real and natural deep emotional connection
with a woman. And how you can do it even in loud and crowded
environments. It’s like being in your own little world where only you
and her exists.
You’ll also find out about:

  • How to go into rapport.
  • The rapport formula he uses and teaches.
  • The 3 types of rapport topics, and…
  • How to choose the RIGHT one.

In the latter part of the book you’ll learn the biggest mistakes you can make with women that could mean ‘life or death’ of the whole interaction. Even if, you do only one of them once.
He summarizes the book with a list of the 25 most important qualities
of someone who improves all aspects of his life by creating good
situations. In a word, badass.
The information in this book alone is worth every cent.

so, what else is there?

The best-selling Tao of Badass e-book is part of the Tao Attraction System which include books and audio and videos.
Here’s what you’ll also get:

  • Bonus Book #1 – “Never Get Cheated On”
  • Bonus Book #2 – “Monogamy Vs Polyamory”
  • Bonus Book #3 – “Escaping the Friend Zone”
  • Bonus Book #4 – “Guide to Breaking-Up”
  • More than 3 hours of live video classes from his Hacking Attraction seminar, which people pay thousands of dollars to attend
  • More than 6 hours of audio commentary where he speak to you directly about applying the techniques learned in the Tao of Badass
  • Lifetime access to the frequently updated Joshua Pellicer’s Banter Cheat Sheet
  • The Subliminal Inner Confidence MP3s
  • 5-Week Body Language Mastery Course

It’s all digital download so you’ll have access to it…


Almost Immediately.

what’s not so great about it

Well… it’s not perfect. One thing that’s not in there are pictures.
You have to log in to the members area to access the videos and other
materials. Which, can really be a good thing. Why? Because you’ll be
more inclined to use what he teaches. And learn more from him.
Though, some liked the videos better than the book. You’ll just have
to find out when you get there. And I guess, it really depends on what
kind of medium you learn from best.

final thoughts

This is a “kick ass” book. I like that it gives you these tiny little
‘tweaks’… which you can easily do but gives you massive noticeable
results once you use it.
By the time you finish applying what you’ve learned, you’ll immediately notice positive responses from the women around you.
I recommended it to every guy I know. And they’re blown away by what they’ve learned.
It’s still valuable even if you’re already in a relationship. And the videos are friendly too.

how to attract womenClick here to check it out…

By the way, the video presentation has some really mind-blowing stuff right there. Within 9 minutes you’ll learn about “sexual triggers”, and 3 minutes later, he’ll introduce “pre-selection”.
So, be sure to watch it where you’re relaxed and alone.
When you have access to it. Read it once. Then read it again. Put it
to good use. And you’ll have more women than you can handle.
If that’s a problem… this may not be for you. Not everyone can handle it.
Be a badass,


P.S. The Tao of Badass has already helped a
lot of other guys just like you… Read what they have to say (I think
you’ll find it interesting) at the Tao of Badass customer reviews.

how to attract women

P.P.S. Almost forgot… it’s “risk-free” if you want to check it out and see it for yourself. Also, this is a special deal which could be taken down… anytime.