9 Ways To Make Him Worry About Losing You

Dennis Weiss
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How’s your boyfriend been paying less attention lately?  Not to worry, you can get his attention back, how? To make him fear he’s going to losing you, here are some ways to do it.


Show less care

We know it may be hard not to care about someone you love, especially when you’re living with them.

Sometimes your partner can take this relationship for granted he expects you to care about him, he knows that you are hard-wired that way, he knows you leave a text if he doesn’t want a call he knows it’s in your nature to worry sometimes he may use it against you without even realizing it.

This is where you need to draw the line just pretend not to care about him for a few days if he doesn’t text you don’t text him do it for a few days, and you might find him coming back to you if that doesn’t work here’s another trick for you.

Make him jealous

This is an old trick that works all the time it is in human nature to feel jealous most of us have felt it at one point or another you just need to use it to your advantage, go out with your guy friends and make him feel jealous.

While he may take it lightly at first, it will soon begin to eat away at him just make sure not to overdo it as you don’t want to embrace him too much remember you don’t want to repel him you want to make sure that he is worried about losing you.

Flirt with others

All right, this is just an extension of the previous point; nothing spells jealousy like some playful and flirtatious panter. Just don’t do it with his friends, do it with others.

Maybe some of your friends, some healthy flirting will not harm, additionally flirting is an excellent way to maintain a healthy amount of confidence it would also help you understand your options in case the person you want attention from doesn’t really care about you then flirting might help you find someone who does just remember not to lose yourself steam on your mission to win back the attention of your boyfriend.

Put a lock on your phone

If making your boyfriend wary could be considered as a game then this would be a boss move just make sure that your timing is precise for this move to work correctly it’s essential that you have been in a relationship for a long time.

At least long enough to develop a trust where you will let him use your device in case you are someone who would never let their boyfriend use your device then this move is not for you locking your phone is a genius move as he would worry about you talking to someone else he would be curious and desperate to know what you are hiding.

Don’t respond immediately

Right, so he doesn’t call or respond quickly to text guess what two can play this game do the same to him and see how it works out you will get a reaction sooner than you expect this will make him wonder whether you are still interested in him or not.

It will also make him focus on you more; you see the idea of losing someone you love can be quite painful.

This is precisely the dynamic you want to play around with, so the next time he Texas, our calls make it seem like you’re unavailable.

Talk plans that don’t include him

We know it’s hard to think of a future without your loved ones, but this can work wonders if appropriately done, just tell them about the solo trip that you may have been planning since you were a teenager or that world trip with your best friends.

The idea is that these plans shouldn’t include him if you have mutual friends exclude them as well this will hit him in two days he will want to know why he isn’t included as well as fear he’s missing out additionally try and include other guy friends in this fake plan of yours if everything else fails that last bit will hit home this will make him think that he is about to lose you after that he will be the one who is desperate for your attention.

Be a little more distant

When you’re with someone after a certain amount of time, you become emotionally dependent on them, and this makes you come across as clingy he gets used to all these things and starts taking you for granted.

That’s how the pattern works, here’s something you can do try becoming a bit more distant, you don’t necessarily have to alienate him just don’t talk to him or meet him regularly make more time for yourself invest in yourself this will improve your self-esteem along with making him worry he might lose you.

Show less interest in his stories

Men love to tell stories about their lives if you see people from his friends circle you will find that most of them know one or two about him it is probably one of the reasons that he is attracted to you in the first place storytelling is an art if done correctly it can make anyone want to be friends with you if your guy also likes telling stories don’t pay attention to him.

We’ll make him wonder why you aren’t paying attention to him it’s basic reverse psychology and it can work in your case just try and fake a lack of interest in him or his stories, and it will work out perfectly

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Communicate honestly

Just go up to him and tell him how you feel say to him that his ignorance towards you is affecting the relationship be honest about what you think if you hold back, you won’t be able to communicate your point properly so, be straightforward and sensible make him realize he might be killing the relationship he’ll feel guilty.

This is exactly what you need an open communication may be one of the best methods of achieving it are you in a relationship? Have you tried any of these tricks?

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